eric photo 12.10.2015I am pleased to welcome you to the POSH Terasea Offshore website.

 Here at POSH Terasea Offshore, we are committed to “Total transportation and installation solutions” as we continuously seek improvement on our services in support of clients in this ever-changing world of Offshore Marine Projects.



With our inception in 2013, I am proud POSH Terasea Offshore has in a relatively short time, become a recognised brand for turnkey long distance ocean towages and offshore project support. It has been a long journey for us, as we began 60 years ago from our origins as SELCO SALVAGE in the 1950s, evolving along the way with the market forces to what we see today.


Market Focus

As oil and gas projects become increasingly complex, we expand our support levels with focus in transport and installation solutions. Beyond serving as a specialist in long distance ocean towage, we aim to be partners to our clients for mooring, positioning and installation of FPSOs, FPUs and other offshore floating structures.  With our fleet of 9 large long distance ocean anchor handling tugs and a strong track record, I am confident we will be good complement in project support.



The driving force in our reputation comes from our people working tirelessly behind the scenes that I am proud to have on board. We firmly believe we are only as good as our last job, and from the onset of every project, we put together a dedicated, experienced and committed team to bring about complete customer satisfaction.

 You can rely on my personal commitment and all the support from our team.


With my best regards,

 Eric Ng

President and Director