25 January 2013

Salveritas tows the Semi-submersible Accomodation Hull BH 307-2 in Extreme Winter Conditions


150TBP Salveritas towing Hull BH307 2 through iceIMG 20130119 00090

25 January 2013   - POSH Semco conquers harsh winter environment - The 12,000 BHP AHT Salveritas successfully towed the BH 307-2 out of an icy Bohai Bay, conditions caused by the coldest winter ever in northern China in 42 years.

Upon arrival, Salveritas, a 150Tonnes Bollard Pull AHT, navigated her way through waters with blocks of ice hindering her path into the berth for the hookup. These large blocks of ice measured between 10 to 20 centimetres thick, were caused by temperatures exceeding -17 degrees Celsius. Navigation were made extremely difficult and dangerous and to prevent the tug from getting stuck in the ice,  Capt. Serge Prakhov, the master and his crew of the Salveritas worked tirelessly over two days to circumvent the large blocks of ice, it was a feat which pushed the crew to the limits.

Meanwhile at Jinzhou and Huludao, the operations team led by EPIC Projects Director Eric Ng was preparing for the tow out. To ensure smooth operations and given the extreme weather conditions  lengthy and detailed discussions were held with the operations team of the charterers, the yard, various governmental the agencies and the Port Authorities of Jinzhou and Huludao to ensure a smooth and safe departure, nothing was left to chance.

On the day of the hook up, a high level of co-ordination was required, all manpower needed for the tow out of the massive 122m long  x 45m wide x 52m tall BH 307-2  was on standby.  Agents and officials were ready to work on documentation, due to the existence of large blocks of ice on passage from the yard to Bohai Bay, 2 extra harbour tugs were arranged to help break the ice for a quick turnaround of the Salveritas in the anchorage and certainly, the Salveritas does not have the luxury of time in wintery northern china.

Upon arrival of the Salveritas, everyone got to work immediately and completed all tasks within a day, working through the blizzard. Though there may have been initial doubt on the success of the operations, on D-day, the Salveritas connected safely to the BH 307-2 in the freezing condition in the anchorage and towed the vessel out of a frozen Bohai Bay without further delays, disproving doubts many have had of this possibility.

At Posh Semco, it is these challenges which push us to achieve the impossible and to create miracles, we just need a little more time, careful planning, execution, determination and some creative solutions.