21 June 2018

Towage of Scarabeo 7 from Balikpapan, Indonesia to Da Nang, Vietnam

Towage of Scarabeo 7 from Balikpapan, Indonesia to Da Nang, Vietnam

200TBP AHT Terasea Falcon and 150TBP AHT Salvanguard, were contracted to transport the Scarabeo 7 (a F&G Pacesetter design rig) and her drilling equipment from Balikpapan to her operational destination offshore Da Nang, Vietnam.


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The towage took 18 days, and was accomplished at a general average speed of 5 knots, covering 2064 nautical miles. Before commencing the voyage, POSH Terasea worked closely with Saipem’s project team in planning the transportation of drilling equipment and the anchor handling operations of the rig. Terasea Falcon and Salvanguard unmoored the rig before splitting for other duties, the Salvanguard went for cargo transportation and the Terasea Falcon proceeded to hook up to the rig.

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Tow operations ensued and was led by the experienced Captain Dante A.Trazo, who worked and communicated closely with our client, Saipem.

The route chosen was across the straits of Karimata to ensure that all safety parameters are met, even though additional sailing time was needed compared to the alternative of sailing through the Sulu Sea, a route which entailed maritime security risk. 


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On Arrival Danang, Terasea Falcon assisted with anchor handling of the Scarabeo 7 until it was safely delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

Another successful operation for Posh Terasea and we are honoured to be the repeated choice contractor for Saipem to transport the SCARABEO 7. .