6 March 2016

Tow of Deepwater Navigator from Macae to Malta

On the 27th January, SALVERITAS took over the towing bridle of drillship Deepwater Navigator offshore Macae, Brazil. She then commenced the journey across the South Atlantic Ocean, heading towards the Mediterranean Port of Valetta, Malta.


It was a 41 days tow across the South Atlantic Ocean at an average general speed of 5.3knots. No bunker stops were needed due to the towing endurance of the SALVERITAS which can comfortably tow up to 45 days while maintaining a safety buffer.


Patches of rough weather causing swells up to 5-5.5m were encountered which required the tow to slow down and heave to in order to ride out the storm safely. Through all this, the professional judgment and seamanship of Captain Edmund and crew shone through and won the faith of our clients, Transocean.


“… In particular we would like to commend Captain Edmund and the Salveritas crew for professionally discharging their duties during this very long unmanned tow during which time inclement weather was a significant factor. Good decisions were made at the correct times and the tow was successfully completed. …” – Rig Manager,

Deepwater Navigator en route to Malta

Deepwater Navigator towed by SALVERITAS en route to Malta

Photo Credit: Capt Edmund, SALVERITAS