25 October 2016

Tow of Fortuna from Shanghai, China to Saint Petersburg, Russia

On the 28th October 2016, TERASEA OSPREY pulled into the harbor of Saint Petersburg and released the Pipe Lay Barge FORTUNA alongside at Bronka Port. Thus ended an epic voyage starting in Shanghai on the 17th June across 17,000 miles over 110 towing days. The PLB was towed from Shanghai to Singapore and subsequently from Singapore through the Indian Ocean, around the Cape of Good Hope, and finally through the Baltic regions to end up in Russia.

Towing the Pipe lay barge around the cape late winter was no mean feat and the full marine expertise of POSH Terasea was brought to bear. As an added contingency, SALVIGILANT rendezvoused with TERASEA OSPREY at Port Louis where she connected up to the FORTUNA to undertake a dual tug tow until Walvis Bay. Weather conditions were monitored constantly and communication with the vessel was maintained to ensure that the most optimum route was taken so that the convoy would not bear the full brunt of the weather around the Cape.

Fortuna being towed by POSH Terasea

Fortuna being towed by POSH Terasea


We are proud of Captain Oleg and the crew of Terasea Osprey for their professionalism to deliver the Pipelay vessel to our Clients without any fuss and excitement. They truly live out our motto, Excellence through Safety.