21 April 2016

Tow of FPSO Glen Lyon from Ulsan, Korea to Haugesund, Norway

21 April 2016 - POSH TERASEA OFFSHORE PTE LTD (PTO) successfully delivered the Glen Lyon FPSO from Ulsan, Korea to Haugesund, Norway. The voyage was approximately 15,290nm long and was executed smoothly by our 200TBP AHTs, Terasea Hawk, Terasea Eagle and Terasea Osprey. They made an average general speed of 6.4 knots and took 99 days to complete the voyage, which included 4 bunker stops, in Singapore, Port Louis, Walvis Bay and Las Palmas.

The Glen Lyon is a state of the art FPSO, measuring 270m by 52m, with a capacity to store up to 800,000 barrels of oil and tap into a renewed subsea infrastructure network as part of the Enhanced Oil Recovery programme for the Schiehallion Field.

PTO was involved in extensive discussions and planning work together with the client BP, shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries and other related parties to put together engineering plans and execution methods. This phase spanned 2 years from contracting to execution. The main scope of work started with the station keeping for the seatrials in Ulsan, Korea on 5 December 2015. After successful sea trials, three 200TBP AHT hooked up to Glen Lyon FPSO and embarked on the 99 days towage to Haugesund, Norway.

Throughout the tow execution of the project, PTO’s Project Management Team (PMT) worked closely with BP’s PMT on all operational matters and had an Operations Manager stationed in Aberdeen, UK. PTO also sent a representative to each of the bunker ports along the way to ensure all went smoothly. On request of client, PTO chartered extra supply vessels to escort and support the convoy. 

Upon arrival in Haugesund, Norway, additional tugs were chartered by PTO for station keeping during winch testing and finally the mooring of Glen Lyon.  Capt. Frederick Papachristidis, Senior Technical Advisor – Vessel/Marine Management and Marine Construction Manager of the Quad 204 project praised PTO’s conduct in the project saying,


“It has been a fantastic experience and I will say that working with you and your team has been one of the highlights of this project. The breadth of experience you brought to the table and your professionalism has been second to none. It is very rare to have the privilege to work with a company like yours, so from my side, I thank you. I too truly look forward to working with you again in the very near future and wish you all the best for your upcoming projects. Please pass on my very best to all of your team, and convey my gratitude for everyone’s commitment to the success of this project.”


Posh Terasea is honored to be involved in this project and wishes the Glen Lyon and her crew many fruitful and productive years ahead. It is truly a feather in our cap to pass the extremely stringent and rigorous qualification process and be chosen as the T&I contractor by a discerning client like BP. We thank BP, HHI and their partners for their efforts in this project and look forward to building on this trust and partnership for our future endeavors.

20160117 offsingapore

 Station Keeping Glen Lyon FPSO Off Singapore

Photo credit: Capt Serge Prakhov of Terasea Hawk 

Towing to Haugesung3

Towing Glen Lyon FPSO from Ulsan, Korea to Haugesund, Norway

Photo credit: Capt Serge Prakhov of Terasea Hawk 

Entering Haugesund2

 Arrival of Glen Lyon FPSO to Haugesund, Norway

Photo credit: Wong Khang Wee from PTO Operations