15 January 2016

Tow of FPSO MUNIN from Batam, Indonesia to Labuan, Malaysia

POSH Terasea Offshore safely completed her first tow of 2016 with the delivery of FPSO Munin from Batam, Indonesia to Labuan Malaysia. We were contracted by Bluewater.

The tow was performed by 200TBP Tug, Terasea Falcon and in typical fashion, was completed on schedule to the satisfaction of our client. She made good speed and covered the distance of just over 750 nautical miles in just over 4 days at an average general speed of 6.7 knots. On the 15th January, she delivered Munin safely afloat to the anchorage at Labuan Malaysia.

16a. Sunset South China Sea

The sun setting on the horizon in the South China Sea during the tow of FPSO Munin
Photo Credit: Capt Neil Johnston