16 May 2016

Tow of GSF Rig 135 from Malta to Aliaga

In the morning on the 4th May 2016, anchor recovery operations commenced for GSF Rig 135 off Malta. Salvanguard connected their tow wire and Salviceroy commenced recovery of anchors. As the weather in Malta was seasonably rough, this window of calm weather was a godsend and allowed us to commence work.

Within the day, anchor recovery was completed and Salvanguard commenced static tow of GSF Rig 135, awaiting departure formalities to be completed while Salviceroy did a final cargo run for the rig. Upon departure of Salvanguard and Rig 135, Salviceroy proceeded to change her work wire out for a tow wire onto her work drum. This is to comply with MWS instructions to have 2 tow wires spooled. Salviceroy then caught up with Salvanguard and relieved her so she could proceed for another work commitment.

Salviceroy arrived in Aliaga first light of 16th May 2016 and handed the GSF Rig 135 over to local tugs. The entire voyage of 850nm was completed in just under 10 days at an average general speed of 4.5 knots. This included the entire handover procedure which took place offshore, highlighting the ability of our crew to safely and efficiently perform such operations in tight weather windows.

Salvanguard tows GSF Rig 135 out of Malta

Salvanguard tows GSF Rig 135 out of Malta
Photo credit: Capt Dalli, Malta Ship Photos