11 May 2016

Tow of Semisubmersible Rig, John Shaw from Invergordon to Aliaga

At first light on the 19th of April, Terasea Osprey hooked up to John Shaw’s tow bridle in the Port of Cromarty Firth, Invergordon. After all anchors were lifted, she commenced sea passage to Aliaga, Turkey. It was an unmanned tow and, as always, Transocean did a magnificent job to ensure that the rig was in the best towing conditions.

Tug and Tow arrived in Aliaga in the morning of the 11th May 2016 and handed the John Shaw over to local tugs. They made an impressive average general speed of 7.2 knots, covering the voyage of 3,700nm in just over 21 days. John Shaw yawed slightly while on tow but was otherwise quite well behaved. This was better than expected and was duly noted by John B. MacDonald, Senior Corporate Manager of Marine Operations and Assurance/Company Security Officer of Transocean:-

"Thank you for your service. The Terasea Osprey did a solid job on the 3,700 nm unmanned tow from Invergordon to Aliaga.
That was an impressive average speed of 7.23 knots for the voyage."

This puts yet another notch on our growing list of jobs done with Transocean. As always, we appreciate their unparalleled professionalism and are proud to serve them as a repeat customer.

John Shaw being towed by Terasea Osprey

John Shaw being towed by Terasea Osprey. (Note the wake of John Shaw showing minor fishtailing)
Photo credit: Capt Dalli, Malta Ship Photos